What is Steel Benders’ box pan folding service?

Steel Benders UK offers a long list of services in its drive to become the supplier of choice for steel processing needs.

And in a series of articles the Steel Benders will explain the services offered from its headquarters on Teesside. In this post box pan folding is explained.

Box pan folding explained

Box and pan folding involves bending sheet metal along straight lines to create boxes, pans, trays, enclosures, and other similar three-dimensional structures.

Box and pan folders are specialised machines that use clamping beams and folding beams to precisely create these bends.

When Steel Benders UK advertises box and pan folding, they have the equipment and expertise to bend sheet metal of various thicknesses to tight tolerances, creating accurate folds for your project.

They can use a series of bends across sheet metal to form boxes, pans, and other complex shapes, even those with varying sides or angles.

And Steel Benders can work with various metals including steel and aluminium.

Why you might use the box pan folding service?

It might be for enclosures such as electronics panels or weatherproof boxes

Or it could be for trays or pans used in industrial processes, baking and storage.

And it could also be for custom metal components used for specialised construction work, machinery, or artistic pieces.

Get in touch

It’s best to contact Steel Benders UK directly to discuss your specific project needs and get information about exact capabilities and limitations in box and pan folding.

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